Friday, December 19, 2008

"Dow 30K by 2k8" And Other Unintentional Economic Comedy

Ahh, 2008. How we will miss ye. All the magic you sprinkled into our lives. But the best part about T3b B00m... or at least the modicum of a silver lining we can take from this slide of the economy off the edge, is the unbeatable Unintentional Comedy it's racked up.

And that's just the start, the beauty of the Internet allows everyone to get in on the action... a wiki-joke as it were. And the action is happening in the reviews on To wit.

Back in 2006 (unbelievably, since folks were talking bubble then), David Lereah released Why the Real Estate Boom Will Not Bust - And How You Can Profit from It: How to Build Wealth in Today's Expanding Real Estate Market. A title like that is comedy gold just by itself. But when you go down into the reviews, you find this gem:

Customers who bought this item also bought...,
August 3, 2006
By Rodolfo Zanzibar(Encinitas, CA United States)
Your Yugo Will Run Forever and How to Set the Land-Speed Record With It.

Great right? And dude dropped this meta-comedy gem in 2006! Now 30 of 36 reviewers have found it useful :P

Then there's the equally brilliantly titled (in its second printing!) "Dow, 30,000 by 2008" Why It's Different This Time. Really? He couldn't think of another subtitle like "Hey, Don't Walk Away from Me!" or "What Do You Mean 'Have I Forgotten To Take My Medication?'" The reviews are even better:

What?! It's only October!! Give a guy a chance!,
October 25, 2008
By Mark Bray(Cypress, CA) -
There's over two months of 2008 left--we can do it!! I cashed out the 401k and I'm leveraged up long on ES for that Santa Claus rally, baby!


Other Works By This Author,
October 24, 2008
"Ringo Starr Will Be the Best Solo Beatle" - 1970
"Your New Flying Car" - 1971
"A Man On Mars - Why it Will Happen Soon" - 1972
"Personal Computers - An impossible Pipedream" 1974
"The Metric System - The System We Will Have to Adopt" - 1976


Of course one of the reviewers points out the author himself had the best joke up his sleeve:

Author's Mutual Fund Now Out of Business,
July 31, 2006
the author is an intelligent fellow with a gift for writing, it is just that he was completely wrong on everything. Like Robert Loest (whose IPS Millennium fund was folded into another fund family after it shrank in size), Zuccaro was a permanent stock market bull who evidently could not see what was really happening to the market.

*Rimshot* "Enjoy the rest of your stay at the Branson Hotel De-luxe. Goodnight, people!" *Cue Music, Lights* *Applause*