Monday, February 2, 2009

One of Them Good Problems (Ask *)

So I did a painting. You know that part. I put it up here as well as on my photo sharing page so my non-circle people could see it.

[Forward to December] I'm talking to Girl Alex and we're at a bar that's way too small and there are way too many people to see the White Man's Blues being played way to loud and it's just not interesting to me and the discussion comes to my art and I promise to give her my art's URL so she and Misses Maria and Regina to see. Later that week, after the link had been sent, Alex said she liked them quite a bit and that I should do a show at the museum she curates at.

"Hey cool, " I thought.

The problem: "Yeah, the display studio would work for about 13-15 pieces," her email said. Uh... *counts the paintings in his condo... realizes he has a lot to do*

So I figure 2009 might be out of the question (Girl Alex offered that I should do it around the holidays so everybody can check it out when they're back in town). But 2010 is a possibility. I've got five right now (four I like), and am working on a larger one. If I can hit 12 or so, I think I should be good.

[Forward to Today] I check my Gmail to find a message from [photo sharing site] from a user saying he saw his photo on my site and that at first he thought it was a photoshop but then realized it was a real painting. He said it was of his wife and one of his favorite photos.

So he asked me if I'd be willing to sell it to him.

[Forward to Right Now]

Uhhhh... so now what? Personally I like that painting and I'd like to use it in a show. Of course that show might only be in over a year, once it's out of my hands its hard to get it back. Also, I got no idea what the hell I would sell it for. A woman at the art supply store got angry at me because I had been giving them away before this. So how would I figure out what I could sell it for. Look at Etsy? I mean, it's no Jimi Hendrix on Velvet... So thoughts?

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